Our Products

  • Comer Industries PTO Gearboxes and Drive shafts                                                                             (PAGE)

  • Roegelberg Heavy Duty Hydraulic reduction drive gearboxes                                                             (PAGE)

  • FAD Heavy Duty Stub axles and braking systems                                                                               (PAGE)

  • DeNatale hydraulic tip trailer telescopic rams                                                                                    (PAGE)

  • Dinamica Generale weighing systems                                                                                                 (PAGE)

  • Scharmuller Original Certified Heavy Duty K80 towing systems, K50 forced steering systems         (PAGE)

  • BBM and MG heavy duty tow eyes                                                                                                       (PAGE)

  • Simol Jack Stands                                                                                                                                (PAGE)

  • Battioni Pagani Vacuum Pumps, parts and components                                                                     (PAGE)

  • Jurop Vacuum Pumps, parts and components                                                                                    (PAGE)

  • Metaltecnica components for slurry tankers and water carts                                                            (PAGE)

  • OMVE Hose couplings and components                                                                                              (PAGE)


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