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For more than 30 years, ITEC Products (1992) Ltd have been the NZ importers and distributors for high quality European agricultural machinery components for New Zealand’s agricultural sector.  ITEC Products (1992) Ltd source and supply Comer Industries PTO Gearboxes and Drive-shafts, Roegelberg Heavy Duty Hydraulic floor drive / fertiliser spreader reduction drive gearboxes, FAD Heavy Duty Stub axles, Under body Suspension and braking systems, Simol Parking Trailer Jacks and Jack stand systems, RIMA Hydraulic jacks systems, DeNatale Hydraulic Tip Trailer Telescopic Rams and Brake Rams, Dinamica Generale weighing systems, Scharmuller the Original Certified Heavy Duty K80 towing system for all makes and models of tractor units, K50 forced steering systems and standard agricultural BBM and MG heavy duty towing eyes fixed and swivel types used on farm machinery.

ITEC Products (1992) Ltd also stocks a range of Battioni Pagani Vacuum Pumps and Jurop Vacuum Pumps along with a complete range of parts for all makes and models. We also stock components for slurry tankers and water carts, from gate valves to primary and secondary valves along with parts in all standard sizes for your effluent and irrigation needs.

Our Suppliers for Agricultural Machinery Components

From proven and respected European suppliers in Italy, Germany, and Austria, we have the right contacts to find the best products and solutions for you.

* Battioni Pagani vacuum pumps, parts and components.                                 
* Jurop vacuum pumps and parts for tanker equipment.
* Metaltechnica effluent / slurry tanker fittings and accessories.
* OMVE  effluent / slurry tanker suction pipe fittings.
* BBM / MG Ag machinery draw bar towing eyes.
* Simol / Rima parking jacks.

* Comer Industries for PTO gearboxes and drive-line systems.
* FAD Assali Premium European made Heavy Duty stub axles and suspension systems.
* Intergomma (MITAS) wheel assemblies and tyres.
* Roegelberg Hydraulic Heavy Duty reduction floor drive / fertiliser floor drive gearboxes.
* Dinamica Generale electronic weighing systems.
* Scharmuller Certified Heavy Duty K80 towing systems and K50 forced steering systems and standard Heavy Duty certified tow eyes.

*Di Natale Hydraulic multi stage tip trailer rams

With over 30 years experience in working with and selling agriculture machinery components, we have become a trusted partner in the supply chain of many manufacturers and operators.

Based in Cambridge, but we deliver throughout New Zealand.  

Contact us a now and talk to us on how we can support your business. 

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