Rogelberg Hydraulic Drive Reduction Gearboxes

Rogelberg have designed this range of gearboxes – types 5700 – 5708 – specifically to reduce the speed of hydraulic motors to drive scraper floors.

5700-M-2GBOX 1000NM RATIO 5.51:1 40mm5700 Specs
5700-M-1GBOX 1500NM RATIO 12:1 40mm5700 Specs
5702-M-1/2GBOX 2500NM RATIO 21.3:1 40mm and 45mm5702 Specs
5704-M-1/2GBOX 2550NM RATIO 39.1:1 40mm and 45mm5704 Specs
5706-M-1/2GBOX 3300NM RATIO 40:1 45mm and 50mm5706 Specs
5708-M-1GBOX 4400NM RATIO 40:1 55mm5708 Specs
5710-M-2GBOX 6000NM RATIO 39:1 65mm5710 Specs
5710-M-220GBOX 6000NM RATIO 39:1 65mm DOUBLE DRIVE5710 Specs
8697-1X-AGBOX 5000NM RATIO 20:1 50mm
6212-M-2GBOX 9000NM RATIO 39:1 65mm

Vertical Beater Drives

5872-M-23/28GBOX SET