Rotary Lobe Vacuum Pumps c/w Pneumatic 4 way Valves

DL 606600 L/MIN
DL 808330 L/MIN
DL 10010400 L/MIN
DL 12012500 L/MIN
DL 14014750 L/MIN
DL 17018830 L/MIN
DL 20020830 L/MIN

Rotary Lobe vacuum pumps

The DL Series vacuum pumps/compressors are positive displacement pumps which are cooled by air injection. There are 7 models with 600 or 1000RPM drive.

The rotors run without contact between themselves and the housing which allows the pump to operate without lubrication. Without oil there is no contaminating exhaust emission, reduced running expenses, reduced maintenance, no spare parts and fewer unit stops.